expand your tattoo studio

piercing program
for tattoo

with a love for jewelry


Only the best materials: implant-grade titanium and 14K gold.

go full circle

A bigger range of services in your tattoo studio.

Attract and retain more customers, provide higher net profit services

learn ear piercings and curations

and compete better in the current market

you don't start from 0

You have your own tattoo studio, you know all about hygiëne and handeling customers.

piercing & tattoo match

Upselling piercings to tattoo clients is natural and easy.

All about safety & hygiene

We don't take risks here. Our quizzes and tests make sure you know everything you need to stay safe.

you will be good at it!

Because being surrounded by our professionals and our community brings out the best in you.

higher net profit

Ear curation appointments bring you a higher net profit than most other beauty industry treatments.

Study from home

Our video course can be taken from anywhere. Practice can happen in your own salon.

Taught by:

Inksane piercing studio

Because the economy has given none of us any breaks in the last years, we had to take matters in our own hands: provide more unique services to our customers, compete better on the current market, and make sure we earn higher net profits than our competitor.

At Inksane Piercing we provide our clients with the most high-end piercings and curations.

And it works! With over 800.000€ in gross income from tattoos & piercings in 2023, we are now ready to share our way of working.
We will teach you everything you need to know about piercing ears, choosing the right jewelry and suppliers, sell ear curations, and more.

4 weeks digital course

Our students:


“I took the piercing course in june 2023 by Anke from Inksane Roeselare (Belgium). We are now januari 2024 and I manage to fill 3 full piercingdays per week.
I think about switching to fulltime piercing now!”

Mare: ex-student

Piercing Program for Tattoo artists

4 week Digital course
Tabel of contents

Standards and Safety

Needle-stick injuries
Hand hygiene
Sterile working & sterile gloves
Autoclave and ultrasonic cleaner
Processing and reprocessing
Piercing guns (or not!)
Consent forms

Piercing Practices

Hardware and disposables used while piercing
Piercing needles, tapers and blanks
Bevel theory
Jewelry types and sizes
Rings as initial jewelry (or not?)

Ear Piercings
Lobe piercing
Helix piercing
Forward helix piercing
Anti-helix or snug piercing
Flat piercing
Conch piercing
Rook piercing
Tragus piercing
Daith piercing
Industrial piercing

Age, Attention and Aftercare

Age restrictions
Bedside manners
Possible complications
The stages of healing

Jewelry Essentials

What is quality jewelry
Suitable piercing materials
Non-suitable piercing materials
Jewelry polishing
Threadded and threadless

Here you can see Marith: double European champion ‘bicycling on the road’, wearing our ear curation.


one time investment:

why? Because we just launched this course. You would be one of our first 20 UK students, and therefore we will be asking you more feedback than usual (which is worth a discount 😉 ).

lifetime support in our FB community

You’ll get exclusive access to our supportive FB community where our professionals are available to you.
We will be answering all your thoughts on a daily basis.
Small wins? -> post them!
Questions? -> post them
Customer situations? -> post them
You get the point..

there's more

the "make smart investments" income/expense tracker

proven to make you more profit than expense

With this super easy tracker you’ll see tthis investment being paid back in a matter of weeks.

It shows you insights of what exactly is profit, and what should be kept aside for stock.
Clear and easy piercing financials!

ultimate "Create your own demand"

For getting beautiful new clients in your area, even if they never heard of ear curations before.
Also usefull when competition is higher.

Stress Free piercer planner

foolproof list of piercing to do's, easier to follow than planning everything on your own

Like with other services, the work doesn’t stop when your customer goes home. You’ll need to think of placing orders, sterilizing materials, and a few more.
With this piercing planner you’ll make sure all your little todo’s are done stress free.

Red Flag Recognition list​

 So you can eliminate all possible risks of harming your clients

Supplier Success Signals

So you know how to compare suppliers and choose the right one.

We will also be providing you with the suppliers we think have the best materials and service, and tell you exactly why we think so.
Hint: Tattoo suppliers are not always the best piercing suppliers.

So what's an ear curation?

After you have gone through the digital course you will know how to perform every individual ear piercing. The piercing practice pack provides you silicone ears (amongst other things) to try them all out.
But there’s more to it: for customers with multiple piercings in the ear, you gonna create them a personal curation.
First we’re gonna apply a color analysis by their skin, hair and eyes, which can sound familiar to people coming from the beauty industry. We’ll show you how this theory applies in our tattoo sector.
With those results we’re gonna suggest implant grade titanium or gold jewelry to the client. On top of that we will be able to suggest them the most suiting stones/diamonds according to the stone’s colors or meaning or birth month symbolism.

On the next image you can see a 14K golden ear curation with a chain. The daith and the two helix piercings are jewelry by the world-renowned brand ‘Buddha Jewelry’, they have a yellow citrine stone which is the november birthstone.

Normal price for our ear curation course: 495€

The curation with the implant grade titanium and blue stones has no meaning at all. These are just the colors that matched our client, according to the color analysis.
Our client had the 5 piercing holes already, and came to us only for replacing and matching jewelry.

If you subscribe now for our 'Piercing Program for tattoo artists', you'll get the ear-curation course for free! (Worth 495€)


here's our guarantee:

We’re not asking you to decide yes or no today.. We’re asking you to make a fully informed decision, that is all. The only way you can make a fully informed decision is on the inside, not the outside. So you get on the inside and see if everything we say on this website is true and valuable to you. Then, if it is, that’s when you decide to keep it. If it’s not for you, no hard feelings. You will then, after signing up here be able to make a fully informed decision that this isn’t for you. But you can’t make this decision right now for the same reason you don’t buy a house without first looking at the inside of it. And know this… whether it’s 29 min or 3 days from now… if you ain’t happy, we ain’t happy. For any reason whatsoever, if you want your money back you can get it because we only want to keep your money if you’re happy. We want to build a community of thriving piercing students with or working in tattoo studio’s, who are happy to be there and book great results. If you don’t find value in our course, you won’t be one of those. So all you have to do is mail us ‘gimme my money’ and you got it.

Our guarantee lasts for 3 days after purchase. Since the educational nature of our program we can’t extend our guarantee after that. Anything learned can never be unlearned. Any insight given will change how you work forever.

Sandy Verfaille
Owner of Inksane Piercing

Can you combine tattooing with piercing?

Learning two skills from scratch would not be something we recommend. A tattoo apprentice should not be a piercing apprentice at the same time.

However, if you are already tattooing at a descent level, it’s fairly easy to start learning piercing from there.

Learning the art of tattooing is an ongoing process. You are never done learning how to make your tattoos better. We know that, we are tattoo artists to.

You always have the next design waiting to be drawn, the next client expecting your best tattoo ever. You are never ‘done’ working. You are always learning, always thinkging about how to make it better, always worrying about the picture you just took, etc.

On the other side, piercing can be more limited in time and brainpower and you definitely have moments when the job is just done.
I’m not saying you can try out piercing by yourself a few hours a week and you’ll get there. I’m saying with a short period of dedicated focus with our course, you’ll have the solid foundation to know what you’re doing without dedicating your whole life to it afterwards.
You CAN be a mom and a piercer, and you can be a tattoo artist and a piercer, you can run a tattoo business with tattoo artists and piercers and have a social and family life.

These days it’s normal to work by appointment. You don’t have to stop tattooing to take a walk-in piercing client, we are nog the 90’s anymore.

If you decide your Thursday evenings and Fridays are for piercing only, then that’s that.

With the guide of our ‘Stress Free Piercing Planner’ (included in the course), you’ll be able to identify every little side task like placing orders, keeping stock, processing deliveries, pricing jewelry, arranging displays, .. and get them done before they can become an annoyance on your to do list.

What about other piercings?

This ear piercing program is giving you a very solid basis, starting from 0.
After you gained some experience with piercing ears, you can progress to our other programs: facial piercings and body piercings.

We are still working hard on finishing those courses, and we would love to hear your feedback from this one so we can make the next ones even better.
We will be working together with you and our community to find out what it is you all want to know.

We had requests for marketing and sales topics to, as well as photographing piercing jewelry and fresh piercings. We’ll keep you updated!

Any question? Contact us: