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The pain during piercing varies from person to person. However, setting a piercing only takes a few seconds. An experienced piercer will place the piercing smoothly so that only a small sting is felt.


You can find all our prices in the webshop and on the our pricelist-page

After piercing, we will give you all the information orally and you will be given an aftercare leaflet where you can read through everything again at your leisure. We also have a aftercare-page on this website.

The needles are used 1 time. These disposable needles are deposited in the needle container immediately after use.

If the tongue piercing doesn't touch the teeth it isn't harmful to the teeth, because of that you should try to avoid "playing" with the tongue piercing. 


Yes, in our shop you can pay with cash as well as with bancontact.

You can find all our prices in the webshop and on the our pricelist-page


You can find the opening hours per shop on the contactpage. retrieval.


It is best to make an appointment, but in principle it is not necessary. You can just come by on our piercing days and wait for a hole.
You can also just call to find out if there is still room that day.

Under here you can already make an appointment. On the contactpage you can find the days on which we pierce.

On the contactpage you can find the piercingdays back. under here you can already make an appointment. make. 


With a new piercing you can't swim, do not swimnot go in the sauna, not or go to the sunbed and not in bath for the first 6-8 weeks. All hot, humid areas increase the risk of an inflamation.


We don't place any piercings during the pregnancy period. A piercing doesn't heal that well during this period because the body reacts differently.


Yes :). You can either buy a loose gem from our collection, or you can also get it pierced if the hole is not there yet. The choice is yours.

We only place our own piercings. You can buy these in the shop or online. Go ahead and have a look at our piercings..


If our regular piercing day falls on a holiday we work that day as normal. Feel free to stop by, make an appointment, or give us a call to find out if we still have room.

Sure! This can either be done online online or in the shop.


Yes, we primarily use implant grade titanium or at least 14K gold.
Due to the high quality of materials, we are absolutely sure that there is no nickel in these. Tested and approved by our case manager who is allergic to nickel 🙂 .

The healing time depends per limb. You can find more informration on our aftercare-page.


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