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Neilmed aftercare spray


Neilmed piercing aftercare spray


Looking for an aftercare solution for your piercing that is effective, safe and convenient? Don't feel like fiddling with a cotton swab, or is your piercing in too difficult a place for a salt bath? Neilmed piecing aftercare spray is an easy-to-use spray containing a sterile saline solution. This saline solution helps disinfect the wound, which will help the piercing heal faster. The spray spreads a gentle mist that can be used painlessly and without irritation. By the way, this misting works in any position, including the other way around.


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Suitable for piercing aftercare

We strongly recommend this aftercare spray after piercing placement. This effective treatment against swelling and inflammation from piercings is very easy to use and comes in 2 volumes. The large 177 ml spray will obviously last a lot longer, but the smaller 75 ml spray is perfect for those who want to travel with their Neilmed aftercare.


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177 ml, 75 ml

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