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Niobium ring for Daith piercing


These niobium rings from LeRoi are ideal for a Daith piercing. They sit nicely in the ear and add a subtle shimmer to the auricle. The embellishments on the ring prevent it from rotating through the ear, thus preventing irritation.

The ring is opened and closed by a bending system. The lack of a hinge makes the jewel ideal for a Daith piercing. We do recommend that you only have your jewel replaced by 1 of our piercers who has experience with this type of ring so that it does not become deformed.

Niobium is a metal very similar to titanium, but it is softer and more ductile. Therefore, niobium is preferred for jewelry that works with a bending system.

Nickel-free and lead-free jewelry

  • Closure: bending system
  • Metal: niobium
  • Swarovski crystals
  • Size: 1.2mm thick, 10mm diameter


  • The niobium can be discolored. White, black and red are not options. If you wish, you can mention this when ordering.
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