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We answer below some questions you might have around getting and buying nipple piercings, so feel free to read on!

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What is a septum piercing?

A septum piercing is a type of body modification in which a small opening is made in the middle of the nose, between the two nostrils or thus in the nasal septum. This piercing is usually set using what is called a "septum clamp."

A septum is almost always set with a ring. A septum piercing is one of the least painful piercings to place, and also has a short healing period of about 5 weeks.

How much does a septum piercing cost?

Getting a septum piercing pierced costs €45. This without the jewelry included.

Quality jewelry can be found in our shop or webshop.

What size septum piercing do I need?

The standard diameter for a septum piercing is 1.2 mm.

What is a clicker ring for septum piercing?

Clicker rings are popular for septum piercings because these rings are firmly closed, and these look the same no matter which way they turn.

They have some kind of hinge system to click the ring open and closed. At first, it can be a bit sensitive when the hinge rotates through your fresh piercing, but this does not last long due to the short healing period of a septum piercing.


How should I take care of my septum piercing?

As with any piercing, there are some things to watch out for with the septum piercing:

What materials are suitable for septum piercings?

At Inksane, we use only Implant grade titanium,  by its many advantages: it is completely hypoallergenic (100% nickel-free), it is as hard as steel, but lightweight.

A second option is surgical steel,  but this has some disadvantages, and is therefore not used by us: heavy in weight, and there is also a small amount of nickel in it which makes those jewels not good for people with allergies.

Because we work with quality materials and piercings, so you're only going to find jewelry made out of Implant grade titanium at our physical store or online store. 


What is a good septum piercing?

The most recommended and stylish option to place is a septum piercing made of 14-karat gold or implant grade titanium. However, gold should fit within your budget.

Yellow and rose gold are nickel-free and if you pay attention, your gold piercing will not discolor.

How long does it take for a septum piercing to heal?

A septum piercing does not go through cartilage and thus heals relatively quickly. After about 5 weeks, your piercing will be healed.

Extra tip: Pay attention to how you blow your nose.

What is the minimum age for septum piercing?

The age we specify to have these placed is from 16.

Can I get a septum piercing if I am pregnant or breastfeeding?

No, during the time you are pregnant you cannot have a septum piercing. Before or after you can. As a pregnant woman, you are more sensitive to infections and your immune system has its hands full with your baby.

While breastfeeding, it is also best not to get pierced, this is because in case of infection, you should not take antibiotics while breastfeeding.

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