Piercing shop in Brussels: fancy getting a piercing?

Would you like to have a (new) piercing placed? Welcome to Inksane, you've come to the right place! We are a piercing and tattoo studio with professional artists and a team of high-end piercers. We have three successful branches in Belgium. One of our branches is located in our vibrant capital city of Brussels. Curious to know more? Read it here!

Inksane piercing shop in Brussels: where, when and by whom?

At the Brussels piercing shop, you can go to Tuesday from 2 p.m. to 6 p.m. and on Thursday from 4 p.m. to 8 p.m. to have a piercing placedWe are closed on Sundays and Mondays. For other business, the shop is open Tuesday to Saturday from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. You can find us at the following address with the corresponding contact information.

Printing Press Street 3
1000 Brussels

0473 / 23 42 64

The piercester who will take care of you is one of our professionals: Bloe Vaneeckhout.

The process/method of getting piercings done

Inksane only sets piercings by means of a sterile needle. A piercing needle is a sharp and smooth object. It is pushed through the skin on both sides of the ear with even pressure. The needle is placed on one side and fingers on the other. There are different piercing needles for the different types of piercings.

A shooting gun or piercing gun is completely excluded with us. Why is this? With a gun there is not (enough) sterile worked making you a have a greater chance of infection and injury. Piercing with a sterile needle hurts less than with a gun, and children can take a greater trauma from it. These complaints are common with a shotgun and can persist for a long time. Not to mention that they are terribly annoying and you end up paying a bigger price tag than getting a hole pierced. With a piercing needle, you don't have these disadvantages! On the contrary, there are absolutely 0 disadvantages. It is the safest choice and you will also have no further costs if you follow the aftercare treatment properly.

The jewelry used at Inksane have the best quality. We mainly use titanium, Implant grade or at least 14K gold. The materials contain nickel-free hypoallergenic raw materials where there is little chance of you having an allergic reaction. It does not discolor and retains its luster for a long time. There is a sterile procedure. All consumables are either purchased sterilized or sterilized in the shop on site. Our team is trained according to the standards of the APP Benelux (Association of Professional Piercers). In addition, you get a personal explanation. We feel it is important to inform the customer as much as possible about everything that applies to their piercing!

It is not possible To have a piercing placed with us under anesthesia. Why not? It is not allowed and it is unnecessary To use anesthesia. The person placing the piercing has no medical training and may not anesthetize you by giving an injection. In most cases, a piercing is perceived as sensitive and not painful. Finally, pain is relative and different in everyone. Some people feel nothing while others experience the pain as extreme. We also do not use numbing ointment when piercing. Narcotic ointment can cause the tougher skin make and can ensure that the piercing crooked sitting. With our professional approach, we ensure the most pleasant experience possible.

Our offer and prices

We have a wide range of piercings that we divide into 3 classes: the ear piercings, face/oral piercings and the body piercings. Our price range is divided into three parts. The reason is because there are different types and places to get a piercing and therefore there is no fixed price for everything. The prices are the same on the webshop as in the physical shop. For piercing, the price starts from 25 euros. That runs up depending on which piercing you want and in which place. The jewelry is not included in the price and starts from 15 euros. We recommend purchasing our aftercare product! You have a choice of a small (starting at 10 euros) or a large bottle.

Although we want to satisfy everyone, we put for one's own health age restrictions On having a piercing placed. A parent or guardian must be present anyway if you are under 16.

  • 4 - 12 years: only lobepiercings (earlobe)
  • 12-14 year: helixpiercing (cartilage at outer edge of ear)
  • 14-16 year: all ear piercings, nose piercing
  • 16-18 year: facial piercings, navel piercing, dermal, surface piercing 
  • >18 year: nipple piercings 

Our brand new online piercing webshop

Your health is a priority for us. To play it so Corona safe and promote ease of use, we launched a online platform where you can purchase piercings, gift certificates and cleaning supplies for your piercing(s). The webshop has a wide selection and all the necessary information is listed. Be sure to take a look!

Our other branches are located in Sint-Niklaas (East Flanders) and Roeselare (West Flanders). Feel like stopping by? Always welcome! We are happy to welcome you with open arms. Would you like to make an appointment? Use the button below and who knows, we might see each other soon.


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