Lip piercings: all types of lip piercings, tips and prices

The lip piercing has been a popular piercing for many years. But what types are there and what is the cost? Find out all about the lip piercing in this blog post.

What types of lip piercings are there?

You have different types of lip piercings. We listed the best-known types.

Medusa/philtrum. Are placed in the dimple between your upper lip and nose. The name medusa is a reference to a Greek figure in mythology. Philtrum refers to where the piercing is placed, namely through the philtrum. You can compare this piercing to a labret piercing since the gem is the same. It is a rod with a small metal ball or other fancy jewel on the front and a flat disc on the inside. The only difference is that a medusa piercing is placed above the lip. You can also put the medusa piercing on your middle lower lip.

Monroe. The piercing is set on the left side of the upper lip. The piercing owes its name to an icon at the time, Marilyn Monroe. Why? Well, the actress had a small birthmark on her left upper lip, which is why the piercing was named after her last name. The birthmark is also considered a beauty spot. If the piercing is pierced on the right upper lip, we call it a Madonna piercing. The artiste did not have a mole but mimicked it for years with makeup.

Angel bite. Angel bites or angel kisses are a mix of the monroe, and modanna piercing. Two jewels are pierced on either side of the upper lip. It is a beautiful symmetrical eye-catcher on the face. Snake bite is similar to the angel bites. Two labret piercings are placed but here on both sides of the lower lip.

Vertical labret. This piercing goes through the lip itself. The vertical labret is placed on the lower lip. One side of the jewelry rests on the bottom of the lip while the other side protrudes above the lower lip.

Getting a lip piercing: who, what, where?

Inform yourself well if you decide to get a lip piercing. At Inksane, you can have different types of piercings placed by our experienced piercers with appropriate sterile materials. Inksane is located in Roeselare, Sint-Niklaas, Ghent and Brussels.

Can you do a lip piercing yourself?

No, we strongly advise against placing any piercing yourself for the following reasons:

  • You don't have the right materials such as a piercing needle
  • You cannot sterilize the materials (adequately) so there is a lot of bacteria present, which causes infections
  • Information from the Internet explaining how to place a lip piercing yourself is not accurate
  • Without experience, you may puncture the hole incorrectly or crookedly
  • Placing your own piercing makes it feel more painful
  • You don't have a good view of the piercing; an outsider does

Have a piercing placed by a professional. This way you have assurance that it is done correctly and you avoid possible infections. At Inksane we proceed carefully and efficiently. We set and care for the piercing with proper sterile materials. Be sure to take a look at our website and meet us team high-end piercers!

How to unscrew a lip piercing?

Caution, change your lip piercing only when it is 100% healed! This is important so that there is no irritation or infection. Always wash your hands before loosening the piercing. This will keep bacteria away. It depends on a click or twist system how you loosen the piercings.

  • A piercing with a rod or also called labret piercing called is a piercing with a flat back. You take hold of the piercing along the flat back with your thumb and forefinger. Then you gently twist the piercing ball (or other jewel) until the piercing is loose.
  • At a piercing with a ball is largely twisting. You take hold of the piercing along the back and front with your thumb and forefinger and gently twist the ball until the piercing is loose. Unable to loosen the piercing? Come by our shop and we will help you.

How should you clean a lip piercing?

It is important to clean the piercing adequately and correctly. The piercing is in a place where diseases can easily develop and bacteria are abundant. The jewelry can also cause dental or oral problems. Therefore, carefully follow the instructions of the aftercare treatment you are given.

We recommend using the cleaning agent Neilmed. Neilmed is a strong detergent with saline solution for piercings and has a patented spray that ensures the contents are sterile stays. Neilmed brings the PH value of the body more in balance so that the healing smoother goes. It is recommended that the drug not exceed twice a day to use. If you use it too much, the skin around the piercing will start to dry out. We recommend the product because the spray allows you to spray directly on the piercing due to the fine mist of the product. This way you no cotton swab to use and prevent further wounds. The largest piercing association in the world, the Association of Professional Piercers (APP) in the United States, recommends this piercing spray. The remedy is available in our physical tattoo store and webshop.

The most important aftercare tips to follow

It is important to correctly and accurately follow the tips for a piercing placed on the inside of the mouth. After all, it is a place where many bacteria pass. The tips Inksane gives and recommends to follow are below:

  • In the first few days DO NOT consume hot food or hot drinks after piercing
  • Dairy and soft drinks also best avoided during this period
  • After drinking, eating or smoking, the mouth should be rinsed with water
  • Recommended maximum 2x a day is our aftercare rinse or alcohol-free mouthwash (on sale with us for €5 in the webshop and physical shop) to be used
  • Wash your hands before touching the piercing
  • Avoid presure on your new piercing and don't sleep on it
  • Putting pressure on your piercing can cause it to grow crooked and develop irritation bubbles
  • wash it off once a day with running water to wash away scabs
  • Stubbern crusts can be removed gently with a wet cotten swab. remove. In doing so, be careful not to touch the jewel too much
  • don't fiddle or turn to the jewel
  • come back in time before you downsize (after 6 to 8 weeks)
  • 4 to 8 weeks NOT to bathe, go under the tanning bed or sauna 

What is the price of a lip piercing?

Placing a piercing in the lip costs with us 35 euros excluding the jewel. The jewelry starts from 15 euros. The prices remain the same in the webshop as the physical shop. You will get a free check-up Of the piercing if it was set with us. Is it not set with us? Then you pay 10 euros. It is not possible to have a lip piercing placed with us with a jewel purchased elsewhere.

We recommend having the lip piercing placed with us. At Inksane, there are specialized piercers present with years of experience. We work with sterile materials and proceed with caution. You will be given proper instructions for aftercare treatment and you can always contact us or stop by for questions. Make an appointment using the button below and we look forward to seeing you!

Where can you buy lip piercings?

In the shop and webshop of Inksane you can purchase lip piercings made of approved materials. We only sell nickel-free and lead-free jewelry. We recommend purchasing a lip piercing from us. This way you are guaranteed from allergies, inflammation and discoloration of the jewel. Take a look at the website or make an appointment using the button below. We will be happy to help you with questions and your purchase.


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