Stinky piercing: why does my nose piercing stink?

Ever suffer from a smelly piercing or earring? It is also called ear cheese named because some say it smells like cheese. Don't worry, you're not the only one. It can happen to anyone. Read what you can do about it here!

Cause of a smelly piercing

So how does this come about? First of all, we are talking about a piercing that is fully healed. It is completely normal for a piercing to leave an odor during the healing phase. The reason is because healing releases wound fluid and blood. On top of that, dead skin cells and body fat also play a role. This combination can cause the piercing to have an unpleasant odor. Take care of the piercing properly with the aftercare treatment instructions you were given. If you are still concerned, contact the shop where you had it placed and they will help you further with the proper aftercare treatment.

Don't remember what the treatment entails? Check out our page for a detailed explanation of the do's & don'ts on aftercare for a beautiful and healthy piercing!

Now, when the piercing is fully healed, despite cleaning the piercing, it may still leave an odor. This is because there leftovers linger to the piercing. It could be anything. Think sweat or body products such as soap and shampoo. It could also be that the piercing is inflamed. You can recognize an inflamed piercing to the following symptoms:

  • The piercing and the skin around it hurts (and is red)
  • Green/yellow liquid comes out of the piercing
  • It is swollen and stands thicker than normal
  • Fever
  • The piercing has an unpleasant odor

Another cause of a smelly piercing is the quality of the jewel (e.g., a plastic stretch). If the gem is of poor quality, the body will attack the plastic, which starts to smell. Another cause is moisture. Think of water staying in the ear or navel after a shower. You can solve this by blowing on the ear or navel with a hair dryer (best not too hot!). This way you dry it away. It's best to avoid sleeping with wet hair if you have an ear piercing.

It is important to have the piercing placed by professionals with proper knowledge about the materials and jewelry. If you don't take this into account, the piercing may be badly pierced with a harmless jewel that is not up to par.

Solution against a smelly piercing

Fortunately, a smelly piercing is fixable. It is important that you clean the piercing daily cleaning with running water. You may do this as much as you like. We also recommend daily Neilmed TO USE. Neilmed is a strong cleanser for piercings. It brings the body's PH value more in balance so that healing goes more smoothly. The nozzle of the bottle makes it easier to spray away scabs. Do not overdo it in the use. It is recommended not to do it more than twice a day. If you use it too much, the skin around the piercing will start to dry out. Before cleaning or disinfecting the piercing, wash your hands first. This will keep the bacteria away. After a while, you will notice that the smell disappears.

We recommend no cotton swab to use when cleaning. It can only be used if you want to wash away stubborn scabs. You soak the scabs and cotton swab and this is how you gently go around the jewel. We recommend doing it as little as possible because it is important to touch the jewel as little as possible. It can also cause irritation bubbles.

Tips & tricks to avoid a smelly nose piercing

  • Sufficient care and gentle cleaning (no more than twice a day!)
  • Touch the piercing as little as possible
  • Have it installed by professionals with experience and the right knowledge about the materials
  • Sufficiently wash your hands when you touch the piercing (that's how you keep bacteria away)

At Inksane you can get a professional approach to piercing placement from our experienced piercesters. We use sterile materials and jewelry. You will receive detailed oral and written instructions for aftercare treatment after placement. Should you have any concerns during the healing period, you can always contact us. We will be happy to help you!

Would you like to place a piercing with us? Make an appointment using the button below and who knows, see you soon!

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