All about getting (extra) holes shot

Getting a hole shot with a shooting gun or piercing gun is a common method. However, there are many disadvantages to it such as inflammation and damage to cartilage. Would you like to have an (extra) hole? Have your hole pierced with a sterile needle at Inksane by one of our piercesters. This way you are assured of a professional approach!

What is an earlobe piercing?

An earlobe piercing or also called a lobe piercing is an piercing placed in the lobe of your ear in which no cartilage present is. There is a lot of confusion between an earring and an ear piercing notwithstanding, it basically means the same thing.

Oorlelpiercing - Alles over (extra) gaatjes laten piercen bij Inksane Piercingstudio
Earlobe piercing

Multiple earrings side by side

Depending on the jewel, you can place up to six earrings on the same earlobe if your earlobe is large enough! Think 'stacked lobes'; piercing holes made above already made holes. In our piercing shop, you decide together with the piercesters Where you would like the extra hole. Then the earlobe piercing is pierced with a sterile needle. After that, you will be given detailed instructions for the aftercare treatment. Keep in mind that the body needs time to heal. We recommend not having more than three piercings at the same time. Not taking this into account can cause inflammation. Feel free to take a look at our website at our team and the do's and don'ts for a beautiful and healthy piercing.

Is a second hole a piercing?

Any hole in the auricle, and therefore your earlobe, is a piercing. Whether it's your first, second or third hole. In general, a hole in the earlobe is not considered a "real" piercing but in theory it is. A first or second hole is placed in the earlobe of many children at an early age. At Inksane are all children from four years of age are welcome To have a hole (or holes) put in the earlobe. It is important to note here that an earlobe is not ready for piercing until around the age of four. At that age, the child's ear no longer deforms to any great degree and cannot be harmed. Also, children at that age are more aware of what is happening and can tell us and the parents if they want one or not!

Do you have a lump/sphere in your earlobe?

Heb je een bultje/bolletje in je oorlel? - Inksane Piercingshop
Irritation Bubble

A pellet or lump indicates a irritation bubble. How does this happen. One way you get this is by lingering on something with your piercing, sleeping on a cartilage piercing or otherwise putting regular pressure on it. An irritation bubble is also caused by poor quality jewelry or residue that sticks to the ear such as shampoo or makeup. So it is important to touch your piercing as little as possible and clean it properly (with running water or a cleanser such as Neilmed). You usually get an irritation bubble before inflammation occurs.

Do you have an irritation bubble? Come see us and together with a targeted approach, we will look at what exactly is irritating you. By usually removing the cause of the irritation (for example, stopping sleeping on it), the bubble will disappear on its own.

What is the price to have holes shot?

Many people shy away from needles and do not want to spend large sums of money to have a hole pierced. Something that is completely justified and understandable. A having a hole shot is cheaper than getting a hole pierced. So you can quickly think why a shooting gun is still widely used at jewelry stores or unprofessional piercing stores, don't you think? They still get their profit out while you end up getting screwed.

There is not (enough) sterile worked making you a have a greater chance of infection and injury. It is also more painful and children can have a greater trauma from it. These complaints are common with a shotgun and can persist for a long time. Not to mention that they are terribly annoying and you end up paying a bigger price than getting a hole pierced. You will have to purchase any medication or extra care products and that cost can add up. With a piercing needle, you don't have these disadvantages! On the contrary, there are absolutely 0 disadvantages. It is the safest choice and you will also have no further costs if you follow the aftercare treatment properly.

At Inksane costs to pierce a hole in one earlobe 30 euros. For both earlobes (1 left and 1 right) is the cost 45 euros. The jewel is not included. The jewelry can be purchased in our physical shop or webshop and start from 15 euros. You can also purchase an aftercare treatment that we highly recommend. The price for the product starts from 10 euros.

2 thoughts on “Alles over (extra) gaatjes laten schieten”

  1. Susan Broens

    My daughter vaan 16, had a 2nd hole pierce and now she took out the again studs and put in regular earrings and der 2nd earrings started to ulcerate.
    What to do now and what is the best stuff she can start using to treat the sores.
    We need some tips for this, hence my question.

    1. Anke Labaere

      Hi Susan

      How long after piercing did your daughter change the gem? We recommend waiting at least 10 weeks or so for this. The quality of the new earring also plays a role and can cause problems if it is surgical steel or silver, for example. You can always try applying some eye ointment 2x a day, this will make a difference. Also be sure to keep rinsing well every day under running water. Of course, you are always welcome to come by one of our piercers so they can check this out for your daughter and give specific advice.


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