Piercings for your nose: names and tips

The nose piercing is a real eye-catcher and one of the most frequently placed piercings. Inform yourself well before you decide to get this little gem. However, there are different types of nose piercings and aftercare treatment is extremely important.

What are all the nose piercing names and types?

You have different types of the nose piercing. We discuss them in following paragraphs.

Nose wing piercing. A nostril piercing is naturally placed in the wings of the nose. This can be either right and/or left. You can wear a stud or ring. At Inksane we always start with a rod and never with a ring. The reason for this is to avoid irritation bubbles. If the hinge of the ring rotates through a fresh wound it can cause irritation bubbles, something a nostril is very sensitive to. A nostril piercing is also called a nostril or nostril piercing mentioned. Two piercings on the same side wing of the nose is called a double nostril.

Septum. The septum is placed in the partition (the septum) of your nostrils. If you gently feel that septum of your nose, you can feel the cartilage with a softer skin underneath. That softer skin is called the sweet spot. The sweet spot is the ideal point for piercing. Everyone has a sweet spot but it is not always easy to find it. It is also possible that the sweet spot is not big enough or is too high. If that occurs, we refuse to pierce at Inksane due to incorrect anatomy. A great advantage to a septum piercing is that you can easily hide the jewel.

Rhino/Rhinoceros. The Rhino piercing is placed through the tip of the nose. This is inserted vertically in most cases.

Bridge/bridge. Also called surface piercing/surface piercing or Earl piercing called. It is so called because it is placed under the surface of a (more or less) flat piece of skin. A bridge piercing is inserted at the top of the nose, between the eyes. It is the transition from the nose to the forehead and it immediately attracts attention! With a surface piercing, it is more likely to grow out than other piercings. In most cases, the piercing is horizontal stabbed. It can also be done vertically but this is more complicated.

Nassalang. The nassalang piercing goes through the nostrils and septum (septum of the nostrils). It looks like a person has a piercing on both the left and right side of the nose. This is a piercing that is not much in demand. Since the jewelry must be pierced through the nostrils and septum, it may cause pain.

What if you want to have multiple piercings at the same time?

With us, you can get up to three piercings at a time per appointment, depending on where you want the piercings. Keep in mind that the body needs time to heal. Should you set more than three piercings at the same time, there is a greater chance of complications afterwards.

How to unscrew a nose piercing?

Caution, change your nose piercing only when it is 100% healed! This is important so that there is no irritation or infection. Always wash your hands before loosening the piercing. This will keep bacteria away. It depends on a click or twist system how you loosen the piercings. With the nose piercing, you have a piercing with a rod or with a ball.

Nose piercing bar with flat back

A rod or also called a labret piercing is a piercing with a flat back. You take hold of the piercing along the flat back with your thumb and forefinger. Then you gently twist the piercing ball (or other jewel) until the piercing is loose.

Nose piercing ball

When piercing with a ball it is always largely run. You take hold of the piercing along the back and front with your thumb and forefinger and gently twist the ball until the piercing is loose. But, there is only one type of piercing with ball that is a click system has and that is at the nostril. You take hold of the piercing in the same method. But instead of unscrewing it, here you are going to gently snap the piercing loose. Can't manage to loosen the piercing? Stop by our shop and we'll help you out.

How should you clean a nose piercing?

It is important to clean the nose piercing adequately and correctly since the piercing is located in a place with a lot of bacteria. Therefore, carefully follow the instructions of the aftercare treatment you are given. We recommend using the cleaning agent Neilmed. Neilmed is a strong detergent with saline solution for piercings and has a patented spray that ensures the contents are sterile stays. Neilmed brings the PH value of the body more in balance so that the healing smoother goes. It is recommended that the drug not exceed twice a day to use. If you use it too much, the skin around the piercing will start to dry out. We recommend the product because the spray allows you to spray directly on the piercing due to the fine mist of the product. This way you no cotton swab to use and prevent further wounds. The largest piercing association in the world, the Association of Professional Piercers (APP) in the United States, recommends this piercing spray. The remedy is available in our physical tattoo store and webshop.

Tips for proper nose piercing care

  • Wash your hands before you touch your piercing
  • Avoid presure on your new piercing and don't sleep on it
    Putting pressure on your piercing can cause it to grow crooked and develop irritation bubbles
  • wash it off once a day with running water to rinse away scabs and residue (such as makeup), optional maximum 2x
    per day with our aftercare or a sterile saline solution
  • Stubbern crusts can be removed gently with a wet cotten swab. Be careful that you
    you don't touch the jewel too much
  • don't fiddle or turn to the jewel
  • come back in time before you downsize (after 6 to 8 weeks)
  • 4 to 8 weeks NOT to bathe, go under the tanning bed or sauna

Is your nose piercing inflamed?

The nose piercing is one of the most frequently set piercings. If the (nose) piercing is set correctly with the right materials there is little chance of infection. Nevertheless, the more likely when piercing through the nostril because it is a place where there is a lot of bacteria. It is important that the length of the jewel be long enough each time so that it can take into account the swelling. The length depends on the body part. Always get your piercing pierced and not shot With a gun/pistol! When shooting, a jewel is used that is the same length each time and thus does not take swelling into account. A clasp is pushed on that is difficult to clean and this can cause the needle to grow in and infect the pierced part.

You can recognize an inflamed piercing by the following symptoms:

  • The skin around the piercing stands red state and hurts
  • It is swollen, stands thicker than normal
  • The piercing can be a unpleasant smell issuing
  • You have palpitations
  • At worst, you can fever make

Another cause of an inflamed piercing is poor hygiene and inadequate cleaning. Always carefully follow the instructions of the aftercare treatment you are given. The quality of the jewel (e.g. a plastic stretch) also has to do with it. If the jewel a poor quality has, the body is going to attack the plastic and that starts to smell. Not 100% sure if the piercing is inflamed and/or you don't know what to do? Contact the shop where you had it placed and they will help you out.

Where is there a (online) piercing shop for nose piercings?

In the shop and webshop of Inksane you can purchase nose piercings made of approved materials. We exclusively sell nickel-free and lead-free jewelry. We recommend purchasing a nose piercing from us. This way you are guaranteed from allergies, inflammation and discoloration of the jewelry. Take a look at the website or stop by our shop. We will be happy to help you with questions and your purchase.

How much does a nose eel cost?

Placing a piercing in the nostril/nose costs with us 35 euros excluding the jewel. The jewelry starts from 15 euros. The prices remain the same in the webshop as the physical shop. You will get a free check-up Of the piercing if it was set with us. Is it not set with us? Then you pay 10 euros. It is not possible to have a nose piercing placed with us with a jewel purchased elsewhere.

We recommend having your nose piercing placed with us. At Inksane, there are specialized piercesters present with years of experience. We work with sterile materials and proceed with caution. You will be given proper instructions for aftercare treatment and you can always contact us or stop by for questions. Make an appointment using the button below and we look forward to seeing you!

Check out our jewelry for nose piercings here

2 thoughts on “Piercings voor je neus: namen en tips”

  1. Best,
    Is a septum piercing always set with a horseshoe model?
    In fact, I read that you should not put another one in for the first few months but work as a pediatric nurse and a horseshoe like that is very noticeable. Can it also be placed with a small ring directly so that it is as unobtrusive as possible?
    Thanks in advance

    1. Anke Labaere


      A septum piercing can be set with a horseshoe, or with a continuous ring. A very small ring is not possible from the beginning because space must be left on the ring to accommodate any swelling of the nose and avoid problems. If during the healing process of about 5 weeks you do not want your piercing to stand out too much, you can indicate this so we can place a horseshoe that you can turn upward. This way you can hide your piercing though until it has healed enough and we can place a smaller, less noticeable ring. Feel free to make an appointment if you want the piercing.

      Kind regards

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