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prices listed on this page are valid for December 2023

Need more info about buying a daith piercing?

We answer below some questions you might have around putting and buying daith piercings, so feel free to read on!

What is a daith piercing and where can I buy one?

The daith piercing is in the small piece of cartilage of your ear that sits just above the ear canal.

The jewelry can be found in our physical shop and on our webshop.

What jewelry is suitable for a daith piercing?

With a daith piercing, the only proper jewel is a round jewel. This can be a ring or a horseshoe (a near-circle with 2 balls at the ends). Because of the tight location and angle at which the piercing was placed, a ring-shaped jewel is the most successful in healing your piercing that is also nicely visible at the same time.

Your piercer will start with a ring that cannot rotate all the way around, but is interrupted with a small stone or ball. This is to ensure that no seams can rotate through your piercing canal as these cause irritation. After healing, however, you can have a snap ring inserted if you prefer.


How much does a daith piercing cost on average?

With us, you pay €35 for the placement of a daith piercing, but that does not include the jewelry.

Prices of the gems start from €15.

How long does the healing process of a daith piercing take?

As with any other piercing placed in cartilage, it takes about 6 - 9 months for it to heal.

Does getting a daith piercing hurt?

This piercing has a pain score of 6 out of 10. It is perceived by many as a painful piercing. But this still depends from person to person. Fortunately, the piercing is quick, after just a few seconds it is over.

The piercing itself will cause a dull pain, but just a slight glowing sensation remains right afterward. After the piercing, you will not experience any pain.

Can I get my daith piercing done with anesthesia?

No, that is not possible with us. It is unnecessary, and also not allowed to use anesthesia. This is because the piercer has no recognized medical training.

We also do not use anesthetic ointment when piercing. This won't help you either. Anesthetic ointment only numbs the outer layers of skin, a piercing goes through all layers so you will feel this anyway.

Can a daith piercing relieve migraines?

Unfortunately, the answer to this is very disappointing. Scientifically, there is no evidence that it helps against migraines.

There is a acupuncture point a few millimeters from where the piercing is placed. When your ear swells a bit after the piercing is placed, this stimulates that acupuncture point and may give it some relief for a while. Many people experience migraines again after this swelling subsides.

Can I have my daith piercing if I am sensitive to piercings and pain?

The pain of the piercing itself passes very quickly, but most people, however, are more bothered by the pressure applied to insert the jewel. Because of the tight spot, this is sometimes a delicate job.

Feel free to indicate if you are sensitive to pain or nervous, and we will explain step by step what we are doing so you are aware of what is about to happen.

What are the risks of getting a daith piercing?

Really there are not many risks.

A daith piercing is prone to outgrowth if it is set too shallowly. We will always look at your anatomy first and let you know if we suspect it is not possible to set your piercing deep enough.
As with any piercing, there is a risk of inflammation if aftercare is not followed properly.

Can I replace my daith piercing with another piercing and how do I do it?

It is best to have your jewel changed by a professional piercer. You cannot possibly see the piercing channel on yourself which makes changing a jewel yourself impossible.

Feel free to come in for this, or ask a friend. Trying it yourself may cause damage to your piercing canal.


How do I care for my daith piercing during the healing process?

  • Rinse at least once a day with running water to wash away all scabs. Maximum 2 times a day.

  • Avoid pressure on the side of the new daith piercing and definitely do not sleep on it.

  • Have a fellow resident look at the piercing often. That way that person can check that no bubbles or scabs are growing on the piercing. Because the daith piercing is very sensitive to irritation bubbles and pressure. It's not possible to notice it by yourself. Unless when it is too late.

What materials are used for daith piercings?

As for any piercing, the following materials are suitable: Implant grade titanium, minimum 14K gold or niobium. At Inksane, we choose to work only with titanium.

What are the benefits of this?
- Implant grade titanium contains no nickel and is therefore "hypoallergenic
- These jewels have a high polish and are therefore smooth, preventing bacteria from settling in them.
- Titanium can be discolored in almost all colors (black, white and red are not options)
- This material does not rust or oxidize

There's a lot of talk about surgical steel, we'd like to give you a few reasons why this is not a suitable material to use for your piercings.
- Surgical steel almost always contains nickel, which can cause allergic reactions
- The polling is also very low, which can leave microscopic scratches in the jewelry. This is an ideal breeding ground for bacteria


Can you pierce a daith while pregnant?

No, we do not recommend piercing during pregnancy.

Your immune system is all messed up during pregnancy making it harder for your piercing to heal. We also don't want to put extra pressure on your body so that all the energy can go to the growing baby.

In case of infection, antibiotics are not allowed if you are pregnant.


Can you wear earrings with a Daith piercing?

Because you are not allowed to put pressure on your daith piercing after it is pierced, I would definitely avoid ear piercings during the healing period. After that, of course, you can wear them again.

What piercing for daith?

In most cases for daith piercings, a standard 1.2 mm ornament is chosen. Usually, a ring that has a wide diameter will be chosen.

After healing, you can then choose another piece of jewelry with a small diameter.

How can I clean my daith piercing?

We recommend cleaning the piercing with saline-based products.

We ourselves recommend Neilmed to. This is because this is a strong cleaner for piercings that comes in a spray can, which is precisely why the contents remain sterile. Because there is fine mist comes out, you can spray this directly on the piercing. This way you won't create further wounds, because you won't have to use a cotton swab anymore.

You can purchase this in our physical shop or the webshop.

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