Getting a navel piercing: tips, questions and prices 101

A navel piercing is the perfect accessory during summer to wear with crop tops and bikinis. But beware: Getting a navel piercing during the summer will keep you from swimming in the pool for a while. You can find more tips and information in this blog post!


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What are the types of navel piercings?

For a piercing we always use a curved gem, this is what piercers call a curved barbell or a banana. The type of gem for an umbilical piercing depends on the belly: with an open belly button, a gem can hang in, with a less open belly button rather a small stone. When the abdomen folds a lot, a floating navel piercing set. Here, the little stone is visible just above the navel so the gem is always visible.

It is important to know that 7 out of 10 people do not have the anatomy for a navel piercing. When an umbilical piercing is placed on a belly that is too flat, for example, the piercing can grow out very quickly.

Can you get an umbilical piercing with a thicker belly?

Yes, a navel piercing is definitely possible with the right anatomy. Basically, you can never be too fat for an umbilical piercing! With a folded abdomen we will place a floating navel piercing, as mentioned before. However, it is not recommended to place a navel piercing if there is too much pressure on the piercing. Pressure increases the chances of irritation and inflammation. The piercing may even grow out.

Can you pierce your navel before/during pregnancy?

During pregnancy, there will be many changes to the body. Especially the belly will get bigger, so the piercing will also undergo these changes. Thus, during pregnancy, you will have to take out the piercing.

So can you put a pregnancy piercing in place of a titanium navel piercing? Best not. A pregnancy piercing is made of plastic: it will smell and your body will want to "eat" the piercing. The best thing to do is to take the piercing out.

If you decide to get an umbilical piercing, outside of pregnancy, it is best not to wear pants that come right up to your navel, or there will be too much pressure on the jewel. High-waist jeans that come above your navel or low rise jeans that come below your navel are totally okay, though! Fortunately, both are back in fashion.

How should you care for a navel piercing?

  • Wash your hands before touching the piercing
  • Rinse 1-2x a day with running water to wash away scabs
  • Use our daily aftercare or sterile saline solution
  • don't fiddle or turn to the jewel
  • No downsize

It is also important that your navel piercing be stays dry, especially after showering. You can go over your belly button piercing with a hair dryer to dry it as non-contact as possible. Try not to fiddle too much with a cotton swab.

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How long should you not swim with an umbilical piercing?

We do not recommend swimming with a navel piercing for the first 6 weeks. Stagnant water (with chlorine) is not good for your piercing and the healing process.

Do you think your belly button piercing is inflamed?

An inflamed belly button piercing will feel warm and swollen but that can happen with any piercing. There may be green or yellow pus and intense pain without touching the piercing, like feeling your heart beating in it. In this case, it is best to contact a piercer.

Do you get a scar from a navel piercing?

If your belly button piercing grows out, there is a chance of a scar. With a flat belly, where there is no edge for the piercing to go through, the body will push the piercing out and you will get a scar. Hence, it's also important not to go to another piercer when yours says you don't have the anatomy for it.

When you take your piercing out after a year, it may take several weeks until it has grown in. If your piercing has not yet healed, it will take up to 2 days until the gem no longer fits in. This means that after 2 days it will not be completely closed but the hole will shrink.

Is a navel piercing made of gold, silver or titanium better?

When placing a piercing we always use implant grade titanium, this is nickel free and ensures that you have less chance of allergic reaction and body reaction. If gold is used it is at least 14K gold.

What is the price for navel piercing?

Setting a navel piercing costs 35 euros, without the jewel. The price of a piercing jewel is from 15 euros.
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