Everything you need to know about tongue piercings

A tongue piercing may look intimidating but it is a great way to spice up your look! They are not visible when your mouth is closed but a pleasant surprise when you start talking. You can say that a tongue piercing is like a pearl in an oyster, beautiful AND unique.

What are the types of tongue piercings?

There are many types of tongue piercings, below are all the names:

  • Midline tongue piercing: this tongue piercing is located in the center of the tongue
  • Side tongue piercing: a tongue piercing that is not centered but rather on the side, h
  • Horizontal tongue piercing: a piercing placed horizontally on the tongue
  • Vertical tongue piercing: a piercing placed vertically on the tongue
  • Snake Eyes Piercing: a horizontal tongue piercing at the tip of the tongue

The only, safe tongue piercing we do is the midline tongue piercing. This tongue piercing sits in the middle of your tongue, between the 2 muscles.

Does tongue piercing hurt?

The pain threshold varies from person to person; it is more painful for some than others. But piercing a tongue will feel more unpleasant than piercing an earlobe. Surprisingly, tongue piercing is one of the least painful piercings.

How is a tongue piercing set?

First, we check to see if it is possible to place a tongue piercing. Some people do not have room for it. Then we mark where the tongue piercing will be placed and a plastic clip is used to gently hold the tongue. A tongue piercing is then pierced from bottom to top.

How should you care for a tongue piercing?

The aftercare of a tongue piercing will proceed like an oral piercing, a piercing in the mouth. These are the aftercare tips:

  • Wash your hands before you touch your piercing
  • Avoid soft drinks, spicy food, cow dairy (milk) and overly hot food and drink for the first few days
  • wash your moutch with water after eating, drinking or smoking
  • use 1x a day a mouthwash without alcohol, we sell an alcohol-free mouthwash at Inksane for only 5 euros.
  • Try as much as possible avoid movement of the jewel
  • Come back in time for a downsize, a shorter rod, after 2 to 3 weeks

How do you change a tongue piercing?

It is best to have your tongue piercing changed at a piercer. A tongue is sensitive, if you stick something blunt through it you can do damage to the channel. A piercer changes a tongue piercing with a taper, so they easily find the hole and nicely round the piercing through it. This is safer and easier. Also, it is more difficult to change your own tongue piercing, since you reflexively tighten and move your tongue a bit. So, since a tongue piercing can grow close very quickly, the best choice is to make a new appointment with your piercer. Don't worry, they don't bite.

How quickly does a tongue piercing grow closed?

A tongue piercing grows closed very quickly, even healed tongue piercings. After just a few hours the piercings may have already grown close. If your tongue is just pierced and the gem falls out then you have to let your tongue heal again, which doesn't take long.

Help, my tongue piercing is inflamed?

When your tongue is very swollen and hurts very much, which lasts a long time, it is recommended to go back to the piercer. The piercer will inspect your tongue and may or may not refer you to a doctor.

Swelling in a tongue piercing

Swelling in a tongue piercing is normal. A tongue can swell thickly very quickly. By evening, the tongue will be at its maximum swelling. After a day or 2, you will still have a thick tongue. The swelling will be gone after about 2 weeks.
The first 2 days may also be lisping, don't worry! This is also normal.

Is a tongue piercing dangerous or are there any complications?

As mentioned earlier, the only safe tongue piercing, which we perform, is the midline tongue piercing. This tongue piercing sits in the middle of your tongue, between the 2 muscles.

The other tongue piercings are dangerous though, like snake eyes: you have two muscles in your tongue so it's best not to pierce. But with the snake eyes piercing you're going to connect those 2 tongue muscles together can also damage your taste buds. With a regular tongue piercing you are going to pierce between the 2 muscles so there is no damage.

A tongue piercing won't hurt your teeth unless you play with it too much.

Where can you buy or order tongue piercing balls?

On our new web shop you can buy tongue piercing balls or stop by the store sometime.

What is the price to get a tongue piercing?

The price to set a tongue piercing is 35 euros. The price for a piercing jewel goes from 15 euros.

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2 thoughts on “Alles wat je moet weten over tong piercings”

  1. Hello I had a tongue piercing done on Tuesday but would like to take it out anyway could it still be inflamed when the tongue piercing is out and can I eat everything right back then

    1. Anke Labaere


      If you want to remove your tongue piercing you can. Keep in mind that this is still a wound so caution is recommended for the first few days.
      So rinse nicely after eating, drinking or smoking. And still avoid sodas, alcohol and spicy foods for the first few days.


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