Nickel allergy: allergic to earrings and jewelry?

Do you notice that sometimes you eczema gets on the skin after wearing (cheap) rings, bracelets, earrings or necklaces? Then maybe you have an allergy to items containing nickel. It can happen to anyone and anywhere!

Do I have an allergy to nickel, chrome or cobalt?

Nickel (Ni), chrome (Cr) and cobalt (Co) are three transition metals which often appear together in a variety of objects. The most common objects are jewelry, clothing, eyeglass frames, euro coins and other items such as doorknobs. Those with nickel allergy are usually also allergic to chrome and cobalt. Nickel allergy is one of the most common allergies. 10% of women suffer from this. You get an allergic reaction when your skin comes in contact with objects that contain nickel. This can be anywhere on the body. It can occur on the hands, abdomen, neck, ears, arms ...

What are the nickel allergy symptoms?

The symptoms for a nickel allergy are clear and easy to recognize. You can read about them below:

  • Red itchy rash on the areas where the nickel-containing earrings/jewelry were in contact (eczema)
  • After a while, the skin around the piercing begins to flake (dead cells released)
  • Sometimes blisters can be seen and it may be moist

The symptoms go away after a while and you can live perfectly symptom-free if you avoid nickel. However, should symptoms get worse (pain, swelling, inflammation) contact your family doctor or dermatologist immediately.

Eczema with surrounding flakes
Blisters on the skin

Where can I take a nickel allergy test?

You can get a skin plaque test/allergy test (adhesive test, patch test) take. The test reveals whether or not it is a nickel allergy. The family doctor can refer you to a skin specialist/dermatologist.

Is there a nickel allergy treatment?

A nickel allergy is unfortunately not curable. The best thing you can do is avoid objects that contain nickel. Below are some tips on how to do that:

  • Only buy jewelry and earrings that are nickel-free
  • Inform yourself sufficiently before purchase
  • Wear gloves when in contact with nickel
  • Better to prevent than to fight

Is there any medication for nickel allergy?

So to combat the allergy, there is no medication. The itching and rash, however, can be treated with a hormone ointment. The doctor or dermatologist will prescribe this. Sometimes anti-inflammatories may also be prescribed if the skin is inflamed from the allergy. In extremely serious cases, antibiotics or corticosteroids will be prescribed.

Where can I find nickel-free, anti-allergic earrings?

Always inform yourself well when making your purchase. In our webshop and physical shop you can purchase earrings and piercings that are nickel-free. Interested? Make an appointment via the button below and hopefully see you soon!

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