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Can you get a piercing with anesthesia?

Professioneel piercen zonder verdoving bij Inksane
Professional piercing without anesthesia at Inksane

You may have already asked yourself: can I pierce under anesthesia? This question is asked a lot and the answer is simple: no. At Inksane this is not possible. Let us tell you why.

Does piercing hurt?

Pain is relative and is different in everyone. Some feel nothing at all while others experience the pain as extreme. Your obviously feels something about it. The tissue is pierced and this can hurt. Piercing with a sterile needle hurts less than piercing with a gun. We therefore only use needles for piercing. These are each delivered to us individually in a packing case and are already sterilized.

Which piercing hurts the most?

In general, the nipple piercing experienced as most painful. The nipple is one of the most sensitive parts of the body. The pain depends from person to person and has to do with how high your pain threshold is. Other piercings that are perceived as painful are the daith, helix, conch, industrial and the septum. Pain duration varies from piercing to piercing.

Why no anesthesia?

Simple: it is not allowed and it is unnecessary To use anesthesia. The person placing the piercing has no medical training and may not anesthetize you by giving an injection. In most cases, a piercing is perceived as sensitive and not painful.

Why no anesthetic ointment either?

We do not use numbing ointment during piercing. Narcotic ointment can damage the tougher skin make and can ensure that the piercing crooked sitting. With our professional approach, we ensure the most pleasant experience possible. You certainly have nothing to worry about.

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