I am pregnant: Can I have a nipple piercing during pregnancy?

A nipple piercing is adventurous and beautiful to have but often people ask: will it affect me when I get pregnant? Can I still breastfeed or will my mammary glands be useless? No worries, in this blog post you will find the answers.

Can I get a nipple piercing before pregnancy?

If you are not yet pregnant, then a nipple piercing is completely okay. Even if you still want to get pregnant, it is not an obstacle.

Can I get a nipple piercing during pregnancy?

No new piercings are put on pregnant women, due to the danger of infections and the like. A nipple piercing should not but may be taken out during pregnancy. If the piercing jewel begins to tighten, you do need to take it out. The body goes through many changes, so it is possible that the piercing through the nipple starts to feel uncomfortable, then you should also take the piercing out.

Can I get a nipple piercing after pregnancy?

After pregnancy, as before pregnancy, you can still get a nipple piercing.

Can I still breastfeed after a nipple piercing?

You can still breastfeed after having a nipple piercing. However, the piercing will have to be taken out while breastfeeding.

A nipple piercing goes through the mammary glands, but this will not stop them from giving and producing milk. It is possible, however, that white flakes will come out of your nipple for a long time; rinse these away while showering.

How long does the healing process of a nipple piercing take?

It takes about a year for the piercing to heal completely. A nipple piercing may behave strangely, your nipple may be very sensitive or have no sensation during the healing process. Everything is normal as long as it doesn't hurt.

It is important, however, to distinguish sensitivity from infection. With a nipple piercing infection, the nipple will feel warm and swollen. There is possibility of green pus and extreme pain: for example, when you don't touch the nipple and you feel your heart beating in it.

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