All about the types of ear piercings

Back from never before, almost everyone has them.... ear piercings! A subtle touch to your ears will instantly give you a different vibe. Matching ear piercings? Even better!

The golden guide through piercingland

oor chart over de soorten oor piercings en oor piercing namen

Above you can see our guide through the ear piercing names. Oh my? Orbital isn't listed? This is because very few people have the correct anatomy for this. Information about this can be found under "Conch".
Where were we? Ow yes! The golden guide through piercing land. We start with the (anti-)tragus below.


What is an (Anti-) tragus piercing

A tragus piercing is a type of cartilage piercing, a piercing that is increasingly in demand. The tragus piercing is on that small piece in the middle of your ear, in front of the ear hang.

What is an anti-tragus piercing then?
The anti stands for "opposite." So the anti-tragus piercing is on the opposite side of the tragus. Both forms are more than welcome!


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What is a conch piercing?

The conch piercing lies in the middle of the auricle. A nice touch to the ear that quickly wins the hearts of our piercinglovers. There are some variations here that you can quickly confuse other piercings with. But hey! We are here to shine some light on the conch piercing. The outer conch lies above the inner conch, almost next to the snug piercing. The inner conch is still in the auricle, above the anti-tragus.

Example inner conch


A flat piercing Also belongs to the group helix, not conch. The name itself says where this piercing is located: in the flat area of cartilage in the upper part of your ear.

Example flat piercing

Have we now forgotten the orbital piercing?
No. This one was left out on purpose. Orbital stands for ring in a conch. So this is also a kind of conch piercing but very few people have the anatomy for it. They pierce 1 hole in your ear and connect it with a large ring. Fortunately, there is an ear-full of other piercings to choose from.

Snug piercing

The piercing snug Is also a tricky piercing. Why? Same story as the orbital piercing: not everyone has the anatomy for this either. Still interested? Ask one of our professional piercers for advice.. They are happy to help you!

Industrial piercing

The industrial ear piercing looks intimidating but is one of the most prominent in the types of ear piercings. It requires 2 holes connected by a rod. Not everyone has the anatomy for an industrial rod but this can be easily solved by connecting 2 helixes with a nice chain, for example.

Example of 2 helixes connected with a chain


(Forward) Helix piercing

The second most requested, popular cartilage piercing is the helix piercing. The helix piercing is in the curl of your ear. There are different types of helix piercings: the double helix (2 holes in the helix of your ear), forward helix (straight opposite the standard helix), ... To begin with, we recommend a helix rod. Often you see that a ring is used for the helix, this is allowed and can certainly be done after the healing process. When setting a piercing it is possible that your ear swells a little: because of this we start with a longer rod and after the swelling has gone down, you can switch to a smaller rod. More about the helix? Click here.

Examples of helix piercings

Smoke piercing

The piercing smoke is a less popular but still loved piercing choice. It is another type of inner-ear piercing for which it is best to use a banana, this of course is not a real banana but a curved rod. This ensures that the gem points forward and not up or down. Also this piercing is suitable for most people but every person is different so the smoke piercing may not be possible either....

Daith piercing

Last but not least: the daith piercing. This lies below the smoke piercing, through the cartilage on the inside of your ear. An interesting piercing that adorns the ear beautifully.

Daith piercing by our piercer Anke

Ready to take the next step and get a new ear piercing? Feel free to book an appointment with one of our talented piercers and hopefully see you soon.

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