Inflamed piercing ... or not?

Think you have an inflamed ear piercing or even an inflamed nose piercing?
This post will help you do just that. Read on!

Help!!! There is a lump on my piercing!

Don't panic! There is always a solution. A licensed piercer Feel free to help you identify the bubble.
Here you have the types of bubbles in advance:

Is it a keloid?

A keloid is the scar tissue in the skin that grows abnormally into a larger bubble. This varies from person to person. Did you know that people with darker skin have a higher risk of developing a keloid? It's also down to hereditary factors and race. A keloid can occur after any kind of skin damage. They continue to grow and are not just confined to the wound. Fortunately, a keloid is completely benign.

Do you have a lump around your piercing?

Irritatiebubbel bij een industrial piercing, kraakbeenpiercing irritatie bump


Irritation bubble in an industrial piercing

You've followed all the aftercare tips but you still have that little bubble near your piercing? This is most likely an irritation bubble. How did that bubble get there? Possibly due to one or more of the following:

  • You fiddle with it too much with not-not-washed hands. Your piercing is very sensitive, even with disinfected hands it would be best not to fiddle with it too much. Beware: using alcohol for your piercing is a non-doer! This is bad for the healing process. The moral here is: t' Is a cool piercing but keep it dry and clean!
  • You're sleeping on the wrong side. As much as possible, try to sleep on the side where your piercing is not pierced. Pressure on the piercing may cause it to irritate.
  • Swimming during the healing process (4 to 6 weeks) is not recommended. Chlorine (even in the local pool) is bad for your piercing.
  • So do NOT use alcohol on your piercing, nor do the following: Tea tree oil, disinfecting alcohol, strong soap, residual shampoo, toothpaste, other oils, ...
  • Cleaning too much of your piercing
  • Wrong anatomy for the piercing
  • The rod is too small

What should you well do?

  • Rinse the crust once with running water.
  • Use a sterile solution Like Neilmed Piercing Aftercare . Spray this twice a day around the piercing
  • Visit a licensed piercer and ask. It's frustrating to keep looking for the problem yourself.

Do you have an ontion?

1% of all cases are really inflamed and this is when green pus comes out or the bubble hurts lol. Sensitivity is not the same as pain like feeling your heart beating in your ear. Your ear may be sensitive and swollen, but when it hurts when touched, this is not normal. Inflammation can also be caused by a piercer's poor hygiene or even by dirt getting into your piercing unexpectedly and unseen. As a piercer we cannot officially determine whether it is an infection since we have no medical training. However, we can refer you to a doctor for this.

Is white discharge coming from your piercing? No worries. This is sebum (synonym: sebum) and it is completely normal. The body makes sebum out of protection. It is often misunderstood as "pus" but this is not the same thing. Especially at the earlobes, sebum can be released and for quite a long time but no reason to panic!

What may you already don't at an inflammation?
Taking out the jewel. Remove inflamed helix piercing? When in doubt of an inflammation, the piercer will never Remove the gem from your piercing.
Why? The outer layer of skin will quickly close up and seal the inflammation inside. Only when a doctor recommends this or does it yourself is it allowed.

What are the symptoms of inflammation?

Usually there is yellow/green pus, it feels warm and is painful. When in doubt, it is always better to ask one of our piercesters for advice! At 'Make an appointment' you can choose for a free check-up. Better to be safe than sorry.


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