Smoke piercing: hot!

Smoke? Fire? Danger!!! No way, it's the special smoke piercing which we will discuss! One of the more unusual ear piercings in the inner ear. A subtle piercing that completes the real piercinglover look. Don't worry, there is no real fire with a smoke piercing. Just your ear looking hot looks!

What is a smoke piercing?

Example of smoke piercing

What is a smoke piercing anyway? Where is there smoke? Well, smoke is there at the fires but the smoke piercing is above the daith and below the helix. On the piece of cartilage in your inner ear you will find it.

For this piercing, we use a banana. No worries! This is not a real banana. It is another name for a curved rod, just like a banana. A curved rod causes the gem to point forward and not up or down. As discussed in the other posts, not everyone has the ear anatomy for every piercing, including, unfortunately, the smoke piercing. Fortunately, there is an earful of other piercings. Perhaps a nice flat piercing?

How quickly does my smoke piercing heal?

The healing period will be between 6 - 9 months are. Since this is a cartilage piercing, you will need to take more care of it than an earlobe piercing. Be sure to check out our aftercare list with the do's and dont's reads. After following these tips, the chances of infection/irritation should be HUGE! So definitely don't sleep on the side of your piercing, wash your hands, rinse it daily with running water and come in time for a downsize.
A downsize is a shorter rod set after the swelling of your brand new piercing is pretty much gone. When piercing a new piercing, we use longer rod because your ear will be a little swollen. A downsize is recommended after 6 to 8 weeks. Have this done at a professional piercer. Your piercing can quickly grow dense if you leave it without a jewel for a few minutes (a disaster!).

Do you notice a lump near your piercing? Or does your smoke piercing hurt when touched and green pus is coming out? Be sure to stop by and our piercers will be happy to give golden advice on how to take the best care of your piercing and get rid of the irritation.

Does a smoke piercing hurt?

One of the first thoughts with a piercing is: Oh no... Would this piercing hurt? And more importantly, how painful?
The smoke piercing goes through a thick layer of cartilage but the pain is definitely doable! Besides, if you look at the result, it's definitely worth it. Putting a piercing will feel like a pinch but you get rid of it quickly. Of course, pain is a subjective issue, it varies for everyone. Some will not feel it, others will feel some. A cartilage piercing normally shouldn't hurt much, as long as the piercer puts it in your ear correctly.

Want a ralso buy piercing?

In our Inksane price list find the prices for setting a smoke piercing. Would you like to buy a smoke piercing ring or any other gem? Then that is also possible on our brand new webshop! Nickel-free, quality Piercings to complete your hip ear set.

Would you like to get a smoke piercing? Feel free to make an appointment with one of our talented piercers.

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