All about the industrial piercing

You've probably seen this piercing pass by before: intimidating but also so fascinating to see, the industrial piercing!
What works for one person does not work for another. This also applies to this piercing. Not everyone has the anatomy for this, the reason and solution can be found in this blog post.

What is an industrial piercing?

With an industrial piercing, you need 2 piercing holes, through the upper cartilage, which are connected with a barbell. You need 2 helix piercing holes for this, so to speak. Often the barbell is placed diagonally. Such an intimidating piercing is immediately a game changer To your ear piercings!

Where can you get an industrial piercing?

It is best to have your piercing done by a licensed, professional piercer like our Inksane piercers. Especially the cartilage piercings should be set with a sterile needle in the right position with the right jewelry. Better to be safe than sorry!

But the industrial is not suitable for everyone. As you know, everyone has a different ear anatomy. Some similar and some have completely different ears. Since this piercing requires a barbell connected through 2 holes, it is not suitable for all piercing lovers. But not to worry! There is a solution for every problem.

Instead of an industrial piercing connected by a barbell, you can place 2 helix piercings connected by a chain. Similar to the industrial yet different. This option is suitable for everyone and of course looks equally fascinating. Ready for change?

Example of 2 helix piercings connected with a chain

Healing period industrial piercing

With an industrial, the piercing is skewed and so this heals more difficult. Surely the healing time will be a year of inconvenience, maybe even 2 years until this heals completely. Also, an industrial piercing is very sensitive to irritation bubbles. So this is a small bubble at the site of your piercing. Don't let this put you off! The result will be so cool that a year will soon fly by. Just pay close attention to the aftercare tips!

Industrial piercing aftercare

Aftercare is like any ear piercing. Here again is brief summary:

  • Don't tinker with your piercing! As tempting as it may seem to fiddle with this new add-on, this increases the chances of infection.
  • Don't sleep on it. Try sleeping on the opposite side. Your piercing may begin to grow crooked or irritation bubbles may form.
  • Do not consume alcohol. Your body will want to expel your piercing during the healing process. Ditto for all products such as tea tree oil (all oils and products not primarily intended for piercings.
  • Don't go swimming for 4 to 6 weeks. Especially not in pools with chlorine.
  • Rinse the crust every day with running water.
  • Use sterile saline solution 2x a day such as Neilmed Piercing Aftercare.

Fancy buying an industrial piercing? Here you can already see the industrial piercing price.

Click here for the price list. Putting an industrial will 45 euros cost, excluding the jewelry and aftercare.
For aftercare, we use Neilmed Piercing Aftercare. A small bottle costs 10 euros and a large bottle costs 15 euros. We strongly advise against using products that are not suitable for piercings such as alcohol, tea tree oil (and other oils), hydrogen peroxide, etc.

On our brand new Inksane webshop You'll find nickel-free, quality piercings! This means there is less chance of an allergic reaction and your piercing will live happily ever after.

Also looking forward to getting an industrial piercing? Or one of those fun alternative chains? Feel free to make an appointment by clicking on the bottom button. Hope to see you soon!


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