Piercings for medical reasons: Daith piercing against migraines

Daith piercing bij migraineaanvallen

The daith piercing is a fantastically beautiful piercing. But does it also help against migraine attacks? A fair question, because there is still a lot of ambiguity on the subject and naturally you search all solutions to relieve the pain. Find out in this blog post whether it is a myth or not.


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What is a daith piercing?

Daith piercing Inksane


Daith piercing Inksane

The daith piercing is placed in the small piece of cartilage just above the ear canal. Because the piercing is placed in hard cartilage, it is important to follow the aftercare instructions carefully. Otherwise, the healing period may take longer and complications may arise. Consider infection and possible scarring. The healing period usually varies around eight months or so. It is no easy piercing to take care of and let it heal so you have to have a lot of patience. The daith piercing is very sensitive to pressure and irritation bubbles. You cannot easily notice the bubbles on your own because it is difficult to see your own daith. As a result, it is usually too late and the bubbles are too advanced to get rid of. We recommend often having a partner or friend look at the piercing. This way they can see if there are any bubbles or scabs growing on the piercing.

Does the daith piercing help against migraines?

Migraine, an attack of severe headache that can last up to three days where you are extremely sensitive to light and sound with sometimes nausea and vomiting. On our floor, we often get asked if a daith piercing helps against those migraine attacks. Unfortunately, the answer is disappointing. There is no scientific evidence that it helps. Should it effectively help, the piercing would be placed in the medical field, and that is not happening. It is an excruciating brain disorder that can largely only be helped with medication.

It is claimed to help: how can this be?

Many do it anyway; get a daith piercing because they think it helps. Then, in the first few weeks, people claim it helps. Where this thought comes from is behind two reasons. The first reason is because just a few mm from the point where the daith is placed, there is a acupuncture point is located that would give relief against migraines. The swelling from the piercing stimulates that point and might provide relief for a while. Once the swelling is gone, the pressure is gone and you start back from scratch. The second reason is the phenomenon of the placebo effect and takes place at the psychological level. Through credibility and positive expectations, pain is relieved from a treatment that in fact does not work. But, belief indirectly creates an effect through the brain that makes it seem to help. This is not long-lasting and is not always there. Migraine is a severe brain disorder that cannot be underestimated.

Placing a daith piercing at Inksane

A daith piercing is placed with us by one of our professional piercers. Please feel free to visit the website to see our team with high-end piercers to get to know.


The first step is to look at the anatomy of the ear. Sometimes it is not possible to place a daith piercing if the site is not wide enough. The second step is to choose the gem (available in our physical shop and webshop). The jewelry used at Inksane is of the highest quality. We use only titanium, Implant grade or at least 14K gold. The materials contain nickel-free hypoallergenic raw materials where there is little chance of you having an allergic reaction. It does not discolor and retains its luster for a long time. Next the gem is made sterile. During sterilization of the jewel, the material is prepared and the piercer explains the aftercare treatment. Proper aftercare is necessary for and proper and smooth healing, something many underestimate. The final, big step is to make the ear sterile by cleaning it and then placing the piercing while the client lies down reassured and calm.


You pay at Inksane 35 euros To place a daith piercing. The jewelry is not included. Jewelry starts from 15 euros and are available in our physical shop and webshop. You can also purchase an aftercare product from us that we highly recommend. You can choose between a small or large bottle and the price for this product starts from 10 euros. The product we recommend is Neilmed. Neilmed is a strong detergent for piercings and has a patented spray that ensures the contents are sterile stays. Neilmed brings the PH value of the body more in balance so that the healing smoother goes.

Would you like to place a daith piercing for aesthetic reasons or do you still have questions on this subject? Then you are definitely more than welcome at our place! Using the button below you can make an appointment. You can also always come by without an appointment. See you soon?


Inksane is located in Roeselare, Ghent, Brussels and Sint-Niklaas

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