What is a bridge piercing? Information, prices and more!

What is a bridge piercing?

A bridge piercing is inserted at the top of the nose, between the eyes. It is the transition from the nose to the forehead and it immediately attracts attention! The bridge piercing is also called surface piercing/surface piercing or Erl piercing called. It is called a surface piercing because it is placed below the surface of a (more or less) flat piece of skin. A surface piercing is more likely to grow out than other piercings. In most cases, the piercing is horizontal stabbed. It can also be done vertically but this is more complicated.

How is a bridge piercing pierced?

Unlike many other piercings, the bridge piercing does not have to go through the cartilage but only through the skin. It is pierced laterally with a barbell. A barbell is a rod with two ends. Those two ends can be two balls or other jewelry.

Does getting a bridge piercing hurt?

Pain depends from person to person. Some can stand it better than others. But the bridge piercing only needs to pass through the skin and not through the cartilage. So it hurts less and you can compare it to an eyebrow piercing. The healing period varies from three to four months.

How to unscrew a bridge piercing?

A bridge piercing can be a swivel or click system have. The action depends on the type of piercing but it is similar. With both, you take hold of the piercing along the back and front. With a twist system piercing, you gently twist until it is loose. For a piercing with click system, you slowly pull it apart.

How should you clean a bridge piercing?

We recommend piercing once a day. rinse with running water and to possibly twice daily Neilmed TO USE. Neilmed is a strong cleanser for piercings. It brings the body's PH value more in balance so that healing goes more smoothly. The nozzle of the bottle makes it easier to spray away scabs. Do not overdo it in the use. It is recommended not to do it more than twice a day. If you use it too much, the skin around the piercing will start to dry out. Before cleaning or disinfecting the piercing, wash your hands first. Other than that, we recommend that you touch the piercing as little as possible. For an extensive aftercare treatment you can take a look at our website.

What is the price for a bridge piercing?

The price to get a bridge piercing done is 35 euros, excluding the jewelry and aftercare treatment. Take a look at our site for the full price list.

Where can you buy a bridge piercing?

The jewelry for a bridge piercing is available from Inksane. Jewelry starts from 15 euros. You can purchase the jewelry and aftercare treatment in our webshop or in our physical shop. The prices remain the same. It is recommended to buy the jewelry and aftercare treatment from us as we have the right knowledge of the appropriate materials.

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