Eyebrow piercing: the price, pain and more!

Is an eyebrow piercing suitable for men? Does it hurt? How much does it cost? Find out all about eyebrow piercing here!

What is an eyebrow piercing?

An eyebrow piercing is a piercing that is put through the skin where your eyebrow is. The eyebrow piercing is also called surface piercing/surface piercing called. It is called a surface piercing because it is placed below the surface of a (more or less) flat piece of skin. A surface piercing is more likely to grow out than other piercings. Normally, the eyebrow piercing is diagonally above the corner of the eye placed but you are free to choose that! It can all over the eyebrow are placed. One side will be above the eyebrow, the other below the eyebrow. We use a curved barbell (banana) for this.

What is an anti-eyebrow piercing?

The anti-eyebrow piercing is also a surface piercing. The difference is that the anti-eyebrow piercing is just under the eye posted. You can both vertical as well as horizontal placement. It is set with a flat long plate with 2 ends that is inserted under the skin. A top is screwed onto the 2 ends.

Is an eyebrow piercing for men?

Even from the past, piercings were seen as a sign of masculinity. Nowadays, that is no longer the case and is the piercing gender-neutral, i.e. both for woman, man or x. Today, anything is possible. There are both men, women or x walking around with a wide range of piercings!

Does getting an eyebrow piercing hurt?

Pain is relative and different from person to person. Of course you will feel some of it but the eyebrow piercing should be not through the cartilage, only through the skin which makes it hurt less. You can compare it to a bridge piercing (piercing at the top of the nose, between the eyes). The healing period varies from three to four months.

What is the price for an eyebrow piercing?

The price to have an eyebrow piercing placed is 35 euros, excluding the jewelry and aftercare treatment. Take a look at our site For the full price list!

Where can you buy an eyebrow piercing rod or ring?

On the webshop From Inksane you can buy a rod or ring for an eyebrow piercing and for other types of piercings. This for both men and women. The jewelry starts at 15 euros. You can buy the jewelry and the aftercare treatment in our webshop or in our physical shop. It is recommended to buy both from us as we have the right knowledge of the appropriate materials.

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